Rock Band Recording Class

Summer Rock Band 2017

Summer Rock Band 2017

If your child would like to perform and record music with others their age, this is the class for them!  Students will be working with Platinum Selling Artist Sameer Bhattacharya as he helps assemble material and bring the song arrangements together.  Once the group is ready, they will spend several classes in our recording studio with Head Engineer Amber Flynn, tracking and receiving a first class recording experience until the song is complete.  Then, they will start all over again with the next tune!

Age Requirements: 11-16yrs

Skill Level: Late Beginner to Intermediate

Rock Band Recording Class will be held every
Friday:  5 - 6:30pm
$80 Monthly*

*(no Class the 5th Friday of a month)

Toddler Tunes

These classes are a great introduction into music for children 1 to 3 years old.

Your child will have fun learning rhythm, sound awareness and beginning music skills through dancing, shaking bells, beating on drums, and many other instruments through fun and educational activities.

Build social skills, confidence, increase attention span and have fun!  

Small groups to ensure active engagement for each child.  Parents asked to join.

Engineering Classes

Every wonder what all those buttons do?  We can help!  Learn how to mic a guitar, drum kit or a piano, record a song and mix it to perfection!   

Our goal is to help you understand the concepts and process to complete a full recording of you music.  From start to finish. 

Group Ensembles

                                                 Call for current classes for vocal ensembles.

                                                 Call for current classes for vocal ensembles.

Songwriting and Theory Tutoring Classes

Are you an inspiring writer?  Need help with the music or lyrics?  This class brings students together to share, inspire, collaborate and even record.

Bring your concepts and ideas to us and we will help you to fulfill your musical vision.