Having fun and being silly in the recording studio! I love that my daughter has a safe place she LOVES going to in a positive environment where these kids lift each other up, not tear each other down....and would pick this over going to parties and day of the week!!! So grateful for all of the wonderful role models my daughter has! Thanks Frank, Amber and Camille, you guys are the BOMB! -Lisa Poff
There's not enough good things that I can say about Leading Notes Studios. My daughter has been a student for the last six years and the continued strides in advance and said she makes is a musician have been fantastic. The variety of instruments musical genres and instructors has been such a vital part of her success. - Laura B.
Frank is an excellent voice teacher. He is a wealth in knowledge and a true asset to the studio. A+ Review ! - Ruthy R.
This is the nicest studio I have sent my children to; the instructors are knowledgable, and love the students. The scheduling is easy to do and I can check it easily from my phone.- Elaine T.
My son came home for the summer looking to learn some jazz piano, and got great instruction at Leading Note Studios.  It's wonderful to have a place that can have so many teachers that can teach a variety of instruments and styles. - Min K.
My daughter has been taking piano and voice lessons for over four years at Leading Note and she has LOVED every minute of it.  I have never had to nag her to practice, her teachers motivate her to work on her own.  She has performed at fundraisers, the Del Mar Fair, and at beautiful recitals.  My son took guitar lesson at Leading Note for a couple of years, only ending when he left for college.  He loved taking lessons and miraculously practiced on his own.  Every teacher that we have had the pleasure of working with has been outstanding. Camille Hastings runs a fantastic school.  -Rebecca W.
“Music is more fun than playing soccer!” - Griffen C. (Learning Guitar & Drums)
This is WHERE you want your littles to be! I have been an educator for almost 20 years and trust no one more. You will LOVE your experience here - how the staff loves on your kids, motivates them and fosters a LOVE for music. - Heather D.
This has been a wonderful place to learn music! I have taken lessons there as an adult and they make me feel so welcomed and teach the music that I have always wanted to learn. They have never made me feel foolish or uncomfortable. The place is always clean and professional. They've worked around my busy schedule every time I've had to travel for work.
I look forward to bringing my grandchildren here someday for their music camps. I can only imagine how wonderful they are from how great my private lessons have been. - John T
Absolutely love Leading Note Studios and all the staff! My son has taken lessons here for several years and has always enjoyed his experience. The twice a year performances at Horizon are very well done. The kids so enjoy the opportunity to showcase what they have learned and how they have developed. - Lori N. 
Leading Note Studios has been amazing for my son who has special needs. They have great teachers, a wonderful and encouraging atmosphere, and have been so very accommodating! He learned how to play so many songs here! 5 stars! - Penelope R.
Love being part of the Leading Note Studios, love the recitals, and feel we are getting the best of the best in instructors.” -Johnny H. 
The best music teachers! They are so patient with our 5 year old drummer. We love Sameer and are grateful for him. He clearly loves teaching music. - Alicia B.
I love taking piano lessons at Leading Notes Studio. Camille is a wonderful teacher--very creative and fun. We often sing along as we play music :) Would recommend to anyone looking to learn or improve their piano. - Mary L
Wonderful studio and great teachers. My daughter has been talking piano lessons from Gina for almost three years and loves it! - Suma R
Excellent job teaching my son , who has been going there  for almost 5 years!!!
Very professional and always friendly. 
We highly recommend Leading Notes Studios! - KG
Great teachers and location. Excellent equipment. People that are truly interested in getting kids and adults playing instruments ! - Al G
My daughter took piano lessons at Leading Note Studios for about 6 years and unfortunately we had to say good bye last December because we moved to another State. For all those years, I couldn't wish for a better place! Camille, the owner, was extremely professional and a good human being; my daughter's piano teacher, Ms. Mary, was outstanding! I highly recommend Leading Note Studio! - Neide S. 
I would teach children music, physics and philosophy: but most importantly music; for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” - Plato