Orchestra, Guitar Jam, Ukulele Night, Parent's Night Out, Musical Theatre Workshops, Choirs & Rock Bands

Violin Recital.jpg

FREE Concert Dec. 14th 7:30 pm
Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium, Carlsbad Library

Every Thursday
7:00-8:00 pm

All string instruments welcome.
Casual and fun environment.
Beginners Welcome!

$10 per student, per class

Thursday, November 14th
Thursday, December 12th
6:00-7:00 pm

Recommended Ages 12+ to Adults
Casual and fun environment.
No experience necessary.

$5 per student, per class

Guitar Jam.JPG

Thursday, November 21st
Thursday, December 19th
6:00-7:00 pm

Ages 10+ to adults
Casual and fun environment.
No experience necessary.  
Ukuleles may be reserved for free rental during class.

$5 per student, per class

Ukulele Group

If your child would like to perform and record music with others their age, this is the class for them!  Students will be working with Recording Artist Jason Berman as he helps assemble material and bring the song arrangements together.  Once the group is ready, they will spend several classes in our recording studio with Head Engineer Amber Flynn, tracking and receiving a first class recording experience until the song is complete.  Then, they will start all over again with the next tune! 

(Day and time TBD)
 $85/4 Sessions
Drop-ins welcome for $25
Ages 11+ or intermediate level only.


Current and Past Songs:

  1. Happy, 2. Tear in my Heart, 3. Feel it Still, 4. 7 Nation Army, 5. When I Come Around, 6. Crazy Train, 7. Smells Like Team Spirit, 8. Sweet Home Alabama, 9. Take It Easy, 10. Counting Stars

Sunday, November 24th
Sunday, December 28th

Ages 5 to 9 -  3:00-4:45
Ages 10+ - 5:00-6:45

Each session, a theme or topic will be chosen by the attendees.  They will then learn how to sing the music, learn commonly used audition choreography, practice dialogue, and put it all together in a performance as though they are auditioning for a musical.  Each session is a stand-alone session.  Students may join any session at anytime.


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Musical Theatre Camp 8-3 800x600-24.jpg

Friday, November 22
Friday, December 20

6:00 - 9:00pm
Ages 4 to 15

Friday night is now time off for the parents while the kids enjoy some great music activities!

- Karaoke
- Dance Party
- Name That Tune
- Silly Song lyrics contest
- Musical crafts
- Drum and rhythm circle

$35 per child

Kids learn rhythm.

Kids learn rhythm.

Spaghetti dinner

Spaghetti dinner

Drum circles.

Drum circles.

Cookie decorating and eating.

Cookie decorating and eating.

Every Tuesday
6:00-7:00 pm

Ages 10+ to Adults
Casual and fun environment.
No experience necessary.

$20 per student, per class