Recording Studio 2015..

and so it begins…..

Student of the Month Winners 2015

*Students of the Month are nominated by their teachers for excellent performance on a completed piece.  Their name is then drawn out of a drum filled will all of the nominees and they are declared the Winner!

1. January - Ryan L. “Ode to Joy” Piano Teacher: Lisa

2. February - Riley P. “ Skinny Love” Vocal Teacher: Camille Hastings

3. March - Maliah W. “Lil’ Liza Jane” Piano Teacher: Camille Hastings

4. April - Mitchell D. “ Time Does Not Bring Relief” Piano Teacher: Frank Meely

5. May - Dominic V. “Hallelujah” Piano Teacher: Frank Meely

6. June - Katheryn S. “Tropical Punch” Piano Teacher: Camille Hastings

7. July - Taylor J. “Brave” Vocal Teacher: Frank Meely

8. August - Maryam B. “My Favorite Things” Clarinet Teacher: Sam

9. September - Brooklyn M. “ Welcome to New York” Piano Teacher: Gina Granier

10. October - Brooklyn H. “Evil Like Me” & “ Photograph” Vocal & Piano Teacher: Camille Hastings

11. November - Allison S. “Blinded” Original Song Vocal Teacher: Frank Meely

12. December - Carter W. “The Limpid Stream” Piano Teacher: Mary Mathews