Student of the Month Winners 2019

*Students of the Month are nominated by their teachers for excellent performance on a completed piece.  Their name is then drawn out of a drum filled will all of the nominees and they are declared the Winner! Recording Session is $250 Value! Great Job to all the students for their hard work and effort.


January Tyler T. Recording coming soon…

1. January -Tyler T. “Original Song” Vocal & Piano Teacher: Jason Berman

2. February - Everett W. “Auld Lang Syne” Piano Teacher: Perrine Lee

3. March - Ainsley P. “The Horsemen’s Night Ride” & “Pachyderm Caravan” Piano Teacher: Camille Hastings

4. April - Jeffrey Z. “Miss Claire Remembers” Piano Teacher: Gina Granier

5. May - Sophia M. “Come On, Come Out” Vocal Teacher: Frank Meely

6. June - Taylor J. “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing” Vocal Teacher: Frank Meely